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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The World’s First OLTP Database Machine With FlashFire Technology

Based on a combination of Oracle software and innovative Sun hardware, including Sun's breakthrough FlashFire technology, Oracle Exadata V2 is built on a massively parallel architecture that brings together fast servers, and high-bandwidth interconnects between storage and database servers — a design that radically accelerates database processing and delivers exceptional performance.

Available in a range of configurations, the new Oracle Exadata V2 combines compute, storage and networking technologies, and features Sun FlashFire Technology to turbocharge applications. This uniquely well-balanced CPU, I/O and memory system yields high throughput networking and performance, designed and tuned for Oracle technology.

The result is a quantum leap in performance over Oracle's previous generation Exadata machine, including a 20x increase in random I/O and a 5x I/O bandwidth speedup with FlashFire Technology, as well as a 2x speedup in compute and network performance capacity. In short, the Oracle Exadata V2 is the world's fastest machine for both data warehousing and online transaction processing.

High-Performance Hardware from Sun

  • Fast X86 CPUs processors
  • 600 GB SAS Disks run at 6 Gigabits/Sec
  • Fast DDR3 Memory
  • 72 Gigabytes RAM per Database Server
  • 40 Gigabits/second InfiniBand Switch
  • 100 TB Disk Capacity per Sun Oracle Database Machine
  • Sun FlashFire Technology for High Speed Transaction Processing

Latest Software from Oracle

  • The latest generation of innovation - Oracle Database 11g, Release 2
  • Hybrid columnar compression for 10 to 50 times greater data compression
  • Smart Scans on compressed data for even faster query execution
  • Storage Indexes to further reduce disk I/Os
  • Offloading of query processing to storage using Smart Scans
  • Includes Oracle Enterprise Linux

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